About Us

Need a trustworthy nanny who would occasionally care for your child for a few hours, but it’s too risky to rely upon random Internet ads? Nannies recommended by your friends are already booked too far in advance? Your parental worries have finally come to an end.

Agency Nanny.hr specializes in providing babysitting services per hour. The agency connects nannies and parents with kids of all ages and requirements in a simple and timely manner. It is our mission to provide you with nannies for the time-slot requested, and confirm their availability and consent for the booking, or offer you a substitute nanny in case we are unable to fulfill the request for your initial choice. Our network of prescreened and experienced nannies allows us to ensure availability of our services whenever you need them.

Picking the right person who would occasionally care for your child is tremendously important and responsible job! We attract the best families and therefore we thrive to provide the best quality service to our clients. Nanny.hr has lofty aspirations, and all of our nannies have met the highest standards in childcare. Nanny.hr carefully choses its personnel – with the support of qualified and educated team of professionals in childcare, together we select and vet only the best to care for your precious ones. When necessary we provide educational programs and illustrational training of everyday examples to our nannies, e.g. real situations one may encounter in the business, and educate them how to overcome them properly.

Nanny.hr will do everything to complete booking arrangement with your initial nanny choice, however in the event that your selection is prevented to respond; we will offer you an available substitute. No need for worry, we hold highest standards in selecting our nannies for which we feel responsible and whom we entirely support. A happy and satisfied client is our goal. We are entirely confident our nannies will always meet your expectations, and we are ready to negotiate with you about any modification in price or a refund, in case we fail to meet those expectations. It is immensely important that we hear from you and receive your feedback to improve in areas where you feel improvement is necessary, or hear a word of praise for the services you were content with. Do not hesitate to contact us.

You have never utilized babysitting service before and have some doubts regarding hiring a nanny? You are not completely certain about choosing the right nanny? Or you need additional information and/or explanation? Please feel free to contact us, it will be our pleasure to answer all your questions and concerns.

Omer Zvizdić is the founder and director of Nanny.hr “As a newly dad, I have recognized the necessity for such services and decided to introduce them to the market. Occasional or recurring childcare service, provided by qualified and knowledgeable personnel, and supported by a trustworthy agency lacked existence before the foundation of Nanny.hr. We offer you – safety, availability and reliability!

Our Story

The agency was founded by Omer Zvizdić, father of then a 20-month-old daughter Hana: “I lived in Washington, D.C. for years working as a journalist and an analyst. My wife and I met in D.C., and our daughter was born there. Our lives have completely changed after arriving to Zagreb. I found myself in a position of being a stay-at-home dad, while my wife went to work. Each day I have perfected my parental role and skills. Despite all we still needed an extra hand occasionally. Someone reliable, and trustworthy who would provide care for our daughter and keep us “sane”.

Finding an occasional nanny- for a few hours during nights or weekends seemed impossible. Babysitting ads on the Internet simply seemed too dangerous and unsafe. Solely the idea of entrusting someone unknown to look after a most valuable and significant person in every parent's life without any prescreening, background or reference check was unacceptable. Our business is a product of our own necessity. We thought our lives would be much simpler if only there was an agency offering services that we offer today. More importantly such agencies already exist all around the developed world. We do not consider ourselves to be inventors, but rather implementers of good ideas. That is why we have founded Nanny.hr.

Our services

Nanny.hr specializes in offering part-time nanny services conducted in a family's home or other location specified by the parent. Our services include::

Our team

Our nannies are carefully selected and tested to ensure you quality and reliable service. It is fundamental for our nannies to be trustworthy, attentive, and professional. We expect them to posses great amount of love for children and joy when working with them. Our nannies are expected to be creative and proficient in working with children.

Qualified and experienced psychologists help us choose the best-qualified nannies on the market to join our team. Interviews, psychological testing, prescreening, professional referrals from past or current employers, and medical and criminal background checks are a standard procedure for all our nannies. With the permission of our nannies we thoroughly examine all the documentation provided, and when necessary, request additional evidence.

We thrive to continuously advance and perfect our services, and therefore carefully monitor all the advancements and updates in the industry in order to maintain the pace and excellence in our business. Educational seminars and trainings for our nannies on various topics in childcare e.g. developmental and creative activities, kids health, feeding habits, and safety at home are among many we offer.

Tell us your opinion, and share your suggestions with us for the overall betterment of our services. We want to hear from you. We cordially invite you to give us your feedback upon termination of every babysitting session with our nannies, to help us prosper and serve you better individually, and as a team.