Nine things kids look for in a babysitter.

Nine things kids look for in a babysitter. 25.05.2016

Nine things kids are looking for in a babysitter?

  1. Energetic


One mom found her twin boys always got along best with sitters who were energetic and play games they liked to play - especially pillow fights. 


  1. Extroverted 


Kids want their babysitters to be creative and talkative extroverts who will relate to their level of play and do fun activities. 


  1. Kind 


Kids want to feel like the person who is taking care of them actually likes them and is happy to spend the day with them, someone who is kind to their kids, too. 


  1. Open-Minded 


It's no secret that kids love to play. So a sitter who is willing to play how your kids want to play is a must. Kids like people who aren't afraid to be silly. 


  1. Fun


The best babysitters have kids smiling ear-to-ear while they're doing something productive yet fun and that's exactly what kids want.  

  1. Creative


Kids have a lot of energy. To keep them entertained, a babysitter needs to be really creative. Being able to think of new ideas is especially imperative for toddlers with short  attention spans. 

  1. Establishes Boundaries 


Kids also like routine. Even if they don't realize it, they thrive in a predictable environment. 


  1. Responsible


All children, regardless of age, want a sitter who makes them feel safe. This is absoulutly essential. They need to feel like they can trust the sitter and her judgment. 


  1. Intelligent 


Whether they admit it or not, kids like to be challenged. Babysitters should be educated and able to keep up with your child's questions and curious nature.